Drugs seized during targeted search – Woodford Correctional Centre

A large number of suboxone strips have been seized following targeted searches at Woodford Correctional Centre.

Two separate targeted searches of visitors attending the centre in early November were undertaken following information obtained by prison staff.

In total, 129 suboxone strips were seized which has an estimated prison value of $14,500.

Chief Superintendent Mike MacFarlane said that if you attempt to bring drugs or contraband into a prison facility, you can receive up to two years in prison.

“Prisons are highly controlled environments for a reason, and the introduction of drugs and contraband puts the safety of our officers, prisoners and visitors at risk,” Chief Superintendent MacFarlane said.

“The strategies our officers use to combat the introduction of drugs and other prohibited items into our centres include constant monitoring of all mail to and from the centre as well as random and targeted, intelligence led searches.

If contraband does get into the centre, intelligence handling and officer led searches are very effective in removing these items from the prison.”

Chief Superintendent MacFarlane said that there are both significant legal consequences for people trying to introduce drugs into the centre, and repercussions for prisoners.

“When prisoners are identified as being involved in this type of activity, it may lead to them losing access to contact visits and other privileges,” Chief Superintendent MacFarlane said.

“We have a zero tolerance approach to people introducing contraband into the centre, so it is not worth the risk for either party

I also want to thank all our staff here at Woodford for their diligence and hard work to keep our centre free of drugs and contraband.”

The Corrective Services Intelligence Unit has been advised of the seizure.

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