Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre transition

Centre overview

Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre (AGCC) is the current remand centre for south-east Queensland. The function of the remand centre is to hold alleged offenders in custody by court order, while awaiting or attending a criminal trial.

AGCC operations are focused on the rehabilitation of prisoners through the provision of offender development programs and support, as well as meaningful activity including prison industries to help them develop useful life and work skills to assist with their successful reintegration to the community on release.

The centre will transition from private operations to QCS operations on 1 July 2020.

Operation Certitude

On 26 March 2019 the Government announced its decision to transition AGCC and Southern Queensland Correctional Centre (SQCC) to public operations. Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) will assume operations of AGCC from the GEO Group from 1 July 2020. The primary objective for the program is to seamlessly transition the centres from private to public control whilst ensuring the safety of prisoners, officers and the community.

Operation Certitude is a four year, $111 million program initiated by the Queensland Government to transition Southern Queensland Correctional Centre (SQCC) and AGCC back to public operation. The project is the most complex project in QCS’s 169 year history and necessitated significant recruitment, training and infrastructure activities.

QCS is working closely with GEO Group and key stakeholders including; prisoner advocacy groups and Government representatives to maintain operations and minimise disruption arising from the transition.

Information for the community

Under QCS operation, the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre will remain an important part of the local community. QCS is proud to be an employer of choice for about 5,500 Queenslanders, in addition to contracting local suppliers and service providers.

QCS, in partnership with other key criminal justice agencies, is committed to our critical role in ensuring community safety and crime prevention.

As part of the transition, QCS has created more than 200 additional jobs in the local community; in both custodial, offender development, and administrative roles. If you wish to enquire about working at AGCC, contact our recruitment team at All QCS jobs are advertised on the Smart Jobs Website.

Service continuity is vital for our correctional facilities, and QCS are well progressed in retaining and increasing the number of suppliers and providers who currently work at AGCC with GEO.

If you have any queries regarding the transition or the possible impact to the local community, please contact the Operation Certitude project team directly:

Visits information

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic
Information for families of Prisoners in Queensland Information for reporting offenders Information for stakeholders

The transition to QCS operations will not impact standard visiting times or processes; however all visitors will need to register their fingerprint (biometrics) upon first visit to the centre. This is standard practice at all QCS correctional centres. From 1 July, the main processes for visitors to note are:

  • Visits sessions at AGCC will commence as soon as appropriate and will be subject to restrictions/guidelines relating to COVID-19.
  • This may include smaller groups observing social distancing and other requirements to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • The visitor application process will include the requirement to provide your fingerprint and photo identification (biometrics). For more information on biometrics, please read the Visitor information – access requirements
  • Visitors are expected to be dressed appropriately.
  • Behaviour in the visits area will be closely monitored – any adverse behaviour could result in visits being terminated and a review of a visitors suitability to attend the centre.
  • Visitors will still be able to bring up to $20.00 (made up of $5.00 notes and/or coins) to visits for use with the vending machines in the visits area.
  • Any attempt to introduce prohibited items through visits could result in criminal charges and may result in visitors being prohibited from visiting AGCC for a period of time. Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance. This includes add-ons and re-bookings


Visits schedule

Days Two-hour visit times One-hour visit times
9am-11am 1pm-3pm 10am-11am
Mainstream Monday, Wednesday and Saturday








Protection Tuesday and Thursday


Friday and Sunday



For information regarding the visits process at AGCC, please visit the AGCC visits webpage.

For personal booking or visits enquiries please phone the Visitors Centre (07) 3212 0472 Monday to Friday between 8:30am – 12:00pm and 12:30pm – 5:00pm.

Additional resources for visitors

AGCC visits webpage

Visitor factsheet

Visitor information – access requirements

Contact us

Operation Certitude:

If you have any queries regarding the transition or the possible impact to the local community, please contact the Operation Certitude project team directly: .

Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre

Street address:

3068 Ipswich Road

Wacol QLD 4076

Postal address:

Locked Bag 1300

Archerfield QLD 4108

General phone:

(07) 3212 0411

Visitor Centre:

(07) 3212 0472

Last updated: 5 June 2020
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